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The UD-731N (GPS receiver)is a compact all-in-one GPS receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate satellite positioning data. The built-in NAND Flash memory supports for data storage. The navigation software and map can be installed to be a completed navigation dongle.   It provides fast satellite signal acquisition and short start-up time. Reacquisition sensitivity of -160dBm and tracking sensitivity of -160dBm offer good performance even under difficult environments.  

The UD-731N (GPS receiver) is optimized for applications requiring good performance and low cost; it is suitable for a wide range of handhelds, asset tracking, Notebook, PDA-centric personal navigation system, and vehicle navigation products.   2G/4GB FLASH: Travel along with FLASH and Navigation function

  • GPS Receiver
  • Built-in NAND Flash Memory for data storage
  • Support for Navigation software and Map
  • 50-channel u-blox 5 engine with over 1  million effective correlators
  • Industry-leading TTFF speed
  • Signal detection better than -160 dBm
  • Hybrid GPS, GALILEO and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) engine
  • Support AGPS
  • Cold start <30 seconds
  • Hot start < 1second
  • Accuracy 2.5m CEP
  • USB Interface
  • Easy-plug-in Notebook
  • SIZE:78.62mmL X 24.83mmW X 11.15mmH
  • RoHS compliance


Parameter Specification
Receiver Type 50 channels
Reacquisition sensitivity -160dBm
Tracking sensitivity -160dBm
Cold start sensitivity -144dBm
Receiver frequency 1575.42MHz
Code C/A code
Accuracy (1) Autonomous Position (2) Velocity   2.5m CEP 0.1m/sec
Startup Time hot start warm start cold start   < 1 sec < 30 sec < 30 sec
Max Navigation Update Rate 4Hz
Operational Limits (1) Altitude (2) velocity   50000m 500m/s
Dynamics ≦4G (39.2m/sec2)
Datum WGS-84
Protocol NMEA-0183 V2.3
Serial Interface USB interface
Input Voltage 5V ±5%
Power Consumption Acquisition Tracking   210mA 160mA
Connector USB B-type 4P male
NAND Flash Memory(Option) 2G/4Gx8bit