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The GT-525 (GPS module) is a compact all-in-one GPS module solution intended for a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, where fast and easy system integration and minimal development risk is required.  

The GT-525 (GPS module) is a low-power star performers deliver top-notch accuracy, -159 dBm tracking, and track all satellites in view, setting the benchmark for real-time navigation, even through urban canyons and dense foliage. 200,000+ correlates—for fast and deep signal searches—into a new power-saving design, providing makers of portable and wireless devices with a low-power premium GPS solution    

Both the LVTTL-level and RS232 signal interface are provided on the interface connector of the GT-525 (GPS module). Wide range power supply voltage form 3.2V to 5.5V is supported.

  • Build on SiRF startIII chipset
  • 20 channels All-in-View tracking
  • Low power consumption
  • 200,000+ effective correlates for very fast TTFF and high sensitivity acquisition
  • High sensitivity for indoor fixes
  • SBAS (WAAS and EGNOS) support
  • Reacquisition time 0.1 second
  • Build-in a lithium battery make GPS fast positioning
  • Compact board size 19X19X11mm for easy integration onto mobile device
  • Build on 18X18X4 patch antenna
  • Integrate LNA with low power control
  • Average Hot start time under 1sec
  • Average Cold start time under 40sec
  • RoHS compliance


Parameter Specification
Receiver Type 20 channels
Re-acquisition sensitivity -155dBm
Tracking sensitivity -159dBm
Cold start sensitivity -142dBm
Receiver frequency 1575.42MHz
Code C/A code
(1) Horizontal  
(2) Velocity
10 meters, 2D RMS
7 meters 2D RMS, WAAS corrected
Startup Time
hot start
warm start
cold start

< 1 sec
< 25 sec
< 40 sec
Signal Reacquisition 0.1sec
Update Rate 1Hz (standard)
Operational Limits
(1) Altitude
(2) velocity

< 60,000ft
< 1,000knots
Datum WGS-84(Default)
Protocol NMEA-0183 V2.2
Power supply 3.2V to 5.5VDC
Connector 1.0mm pitch, right angle, 6 pin wafer connector