UniTraQ Advert in Electronics magazine of Taiwantrade 2011-2012 UniTraQ Advert


This UniTraQ Advert was shown in Electronics Magazine of TaiwanTrade in 2011-2012.

This UniTraQ Advert was shown ON PAGE 436 in Electronics magazine of Taiwantrade, which advertised about Taiwan products in 2011-2012.

The advert talked about our personal mini Tracker (MT-900), and new products "AVL (VT-1052) and iSeeing.

  • Personal mini Tracker (MT-900): the size is ultra small for personal Tracking.
  • AVL (VT-1052): A vehicle tracker, with 3.5G seamless WiFi.
  • iSeeing:a new generation product for home and security solutions.

UniTraQ takes pride and care in delivering solutions for Personal Tracking, Vehicle Tracking and Smart Home Security.


AVL in TaiTrade AVL in TaiTrade