Mini Tracker for Mobile Phone
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If you do not want to pay annual or monthly fee to Tracking Service Provider, or you worry about exposing your whereabouts in a free server, MT-900M is your Best choice! 

MT-900M (personal mini tracker) is a personal GPS  tracker - sending your GPS Positioning URL to your family or friends, and they can view your location via their Mobile Phone. The locations can be displayed in 3 formats – real address, location on Google map, Cellular ID(when GPS positioning is not fixed).

The MT-900M (personal mini tracker) can be set and inquired remotely using SMS messaging. If a GPS location cannot be obtained GPS signal, the Cellular ID location will be displayed (not as accurate, but better than nothing).
We also provide easy to use application software(Apps) in Smart phone(android OS), you can add all the members with MT-900M (personal mini tracker) to your Member List and view their locations or get their status (e.g. Low Battery, Over speed, out of fence) from the software.
You can take care and monitor whom you care about anytime directly with your mobile phone.

General Specification

Parameter specification
Operating Voltage 3.4 V
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Power Consumption Normal   150 mA
Idle mode    < 6 mA
Battery 600mAh
USB Power Input 5V, 500mA
Battery Voltage Min:3.4V, Typ:3.7V, Max:4.2V
SIM card type 1.8V, 3V
LED Status Indicator Charge/Power/ GPRS/GPS
Dimension 53 x 37 x 20 mm
Weight 39g
Frequency Quad band 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
Output power Class 4(2W) for EGSM 850 and 900 Class 1(1W) for GSM 1800 and 1900
Protocol support TCP/UDP
GPRS Multi-slot Class 10
GPRS Mobile station Class B
Coding scheme CS1,CS2,CS3,CS4
Downlink/ Uplink max. 85.6Kbps/42.8 kbps
Operating temperature -30 ℃~ +85 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃~+85 ℃
Current consumption Idle mode:    <1.6 mA GSM : < 300mA GPRS (2Tx,3Rx power level 10): < 410mA          
Frequency L1, 1575.42MHz
Channels 50 channel  all in view
Acquisition sensitivity -142dBm
Tracking sensitivity -159dBm
TTFF   hot start warm start cold start < 1 sec < 36 sec < 36 sec
Signal Reacquisition <1s
Update Rate 1Hz (standard)
Tracking current 40mA
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Datum WGS-84(Default)
Protocol NMEA-0183 V3.01
Dynamics 4G (39.2m/sec2)